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Petrocon has launched a National Energy Program in all of the deregulated states for Electricity and Natural Gas in this period of rising energy rates by providing, at a minimum, mitigation on cost increases on utility bills. In some cases, increases in energy rates have not only been mitigated, but also a reduction in energy consumption included. Among many programs in this industry, only a handful provides national coverage and licensure in all of the deregulated states. Petrocon Corporation have teamed up with Energy Management Resources (EMR) to supply these needs.


Uniquely positioned for our construction industry, our energy program with EMR is for commercial/industrial users. Contact us to receive a pro-forma energy analysis for natural gas and electricity. We can provide an estimated energy cost analysis for the next 12, 24, and 36 months.

Energy Management Resources (EMR) assists industrial and commercial enterprises across North America that utilizes a high degree of energy to run their business. EMR takes the complexity out of the equation to reduce your operating expense and manage the risk by leveraging energy expertise with a high level of analysis for your specific energy needs. EMR is independently owned-not affiliated with any marketer, producer, or utility, and has been providing industry expertise since 1994, with the most experienced team in the business. EMR specializes in helping large industrial and commercial clients make the most of their energy purchasing strategy and managing their costs.

With national coverage and pricing mechanisms beneficial to the construction trade, Petrocon Corporation provides this program to benefi our industry more efficiently than any program available out there.

How to Order

Please send Petrocon your most recent copy of your utility bills for electricity and natural gas along with a completed Utility Release Form (URF) to gather your historical consumption. Once received, we will start the pro-forma energy analysis process based off of your historical usage and program pricing. It takes 3-7 business days to run the pro-formas upon receipt of the data. We will set up a meeting as the pro-forma report is being completed for the purpose of reviewing the results of the analysis and make energy cost determinations moving forward. This is a very low-risk option while providing you a proactive look at the energy markets.

Start the process:

  1. Call: 301-663-8906 / Toll Free: 866-548-8750
  2. Email
  3. Fax to 301-560-5455





  • Variable Index Pricing for Electricity
  • Variable Index Rate for Natural Gas
  • Fixed Pricing Rate for Electricity
  • Fixed Pricing Rate for Natural Gas


Plan A: Energy Analytics
$25 / Meter / Month
($20 / Meter for 50+ Meters)

  • Full Utility Bill Review and Evaluation
  • Identify and Report Bill Errors
  • Cost and Usage Reporting
  • Track Trends in Utility Usage and Costs
  • Consolidate Your Bills in One Platform
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Energy Market Outlook

Plan B: Energy Advisory Services
$250 / Location / Month
(Includes up to 3 Meters - $25 / Month for Each Add’l Meter)

  • Energy Analytics Package, plus:
  • Utility Tariff Optimization
  • Evaluate Alternative Supply Options
  • Review Your Current Supply Strategy
  • Group Comprehensive Supply Strategy
  • Group Request For Proposal (RFP) Process
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Contract Summary Report
  • Bill Audit
  • Demand Response

Plan C: Customized Energy Advisory Services
$1000 / Location / Month
(Includes up to 3 meters - $25 / Month for
Each Add’l Meter)

  • Energy Advisory Services Package, plus:
  • Custom Comprehensive Supply Strategy
  • Custom Request for Proposal (RFP) process
  • Annual Utility Tariff Analysis
  • Provide Price-Risk Management Consultation
  • Market Monitoring & Buy Recommendations
  • Hedge Report
  • Budget Report
  • 1 Custom Report


  • Nominations and Balancing
  • Transportation and transmission management
  • Storage management
  • Demand-side management
  • Energy effi ciency (audits)
  • Tax exemption reviews
  • Custom Reporting
  • Duel Fuel Strategy
  • Pipeline Bypass
  • Capital Projects
  • Resiliency Strategy
  • Onsite Generation
  • Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
  • Renewable Supply


Our program ties in to the production cycles for sand/aggregate and construction operations through these benefits:

  • Strategic Development
  • Supply Procurement & Management
  • Tariff Optimization
  • Audit of invoices
  • Reporting
  1. Strategy Development - A comprehensive energy evaluation and strategy provides the framework to implement and manage your energy requirements to enhance your operational effectiveness, identify cost-reduction opportunities, control energy costs in the future, and minimize risks associated with the new energy markets.

  2. Market Monitoring & Buying Recommendations - In order to provide market intelligence to support forward looking strategies that optimize sourcing decisions, EMR continually assesses market information through a variety of different sources.

  3. Energy Procurement: RFPs and Reverse Auction Platforms - EMR utilizes a state of the art electronic procurement platform for managing the energy purchasing process.

  4. Supplier Contract Negotiations - EMR has proven experience in contract negotiations with energy suppliers to ensure beneficial terms for our clients.

  5. Invoice Audit - EMR provides our clients with utility, third party supplier, and transporter bill auditing services for natural gas and electric service at all facilities.

  6. Reporting of gas and electric cost and usage - Our clients can easily view up to eleven reports (Gas and Electric) on EMR’s online energy management system that you would have access to.

Additional Energy Services benefiting the Construction Trade:

  • Energy Budget Preparation
  • Tariff Optimization
  • Bill Consolidation
  • Regulatory Advisory
  • Risk Management
  • Demand Response
  • Demand Side Management
  • Tax Exemption Reviews