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Our Programs

Petrocon has secured National Account Programs in key commodities such as:  Fuel, Oil, Tires, Rubber Track, Waste Management, Recycling & Reclamation, Electricity, Natural Gas, and Cellular Expense Management.  As a Petrocon Member, companies may participate in each program, offering National Account status and beneficial pricing.  Petrocon and our valued supplier network, offers excellent technical support programs and application assistance to make sure our members get the most value for each dollar spent.





Environmental Compliance Hi-Efficiency Operative


Oil: Re-Refined Lubricants from Phillips 66 such as diesel 15w40, hydraulic AW 46, biodegradable & nontoxic hydraulic fluids, synthetics for extended oil drains, fill for life ATF, etc.


Chemicals: Non-Chlorinated Solvent Cleaners such as degreasers, penetrating lube, etc.


Antifreeze: Biodegradable polyglycol antifreeze and ELC Coolants for fill for life applications, etc.


Waste Management: sustainability, recycling, fluorescent light, battery disposal, LEED Certifications, Recycle USA Program


Tires: Hi Efficiency tires for fuel economy, longer lasting tread and compounding for extended service life, retread program, etc.


Energy: Resiliency program, Demand Response offering, clean/renewable energy offering


What Our Customers Are Saying

“Petrocon was able to unify our pricing in all divisions across the country and save us over $2 per gallon on our oil.  We couldn’t have accomplished that with our local supplier, or even when we tried to go direct with a major oil company.  Petrocon also helped us save money on our fuel program.  We are now earning 3x the rebate we had with another national fuel card supplier we were with for many years.”

John Betters, Fleet Manager - Park West Companies (California)


“We had a 20 year relationship with our oil supplier.  Petrocon stepped in and saved our company almost $4 per gallon on our oil, and helped us streamline our procurement.”

Danny Bowling, General Manager - Washington Air Compressor Rental Company (DC, MD, VA)


“When I joined Petrocon through our trade association, their National Tire Program immediately saved me more than $240 per tire, plus discounted installation costs, all through my local tire store.”

Larry Wallace, President – Wallace Construction (Iowa)


“Petrocon’s leveraged buying power is a huge benefit for our trade association.  They are saving our members money, and providing us a great benefit to offer to new and existing members of LICA.  They truly deliver what they promise.”

Gerald Buiso Sr., CEO – Land Improvement Contractors Association (USA)


“Petrocon came into our business and helped us get on the correct oils for our machines.  Our supplier of 15 years was selling us oils that didn’t even meet the specifications of our machinery.  Over and beyond this service, their program saved us over $2 per gallon on our oil.”

Chris Johnson, President – K.C. Johnson & Sons (VA)


“Petrocon was able to get our company the same price everywhere we go in the U.S., helping us become more efficient and get our company using the same oil everywhere.  They accomplished this plus saved us over $2 per gallon on our oil.”

Kal Bergstrom, President – Earth Builders (TX, AR)


“I was looking for rubber track and Petrocon was able to provide next day delivery, plus save me over $300 per track.  Petrocon’s tire program saves us about 20-40% on our truck tires.  We now have our electricity, trash collection, construction debris recycling, all through Petrocon.  I try and tell everyone I know in the business they are crazy not to jump on the Petrocon programs.”

Wayne Litwiller, President – Wayne Litwiller Excavating, Inc.  (IL)


“Our company has used factory branded lubricants for many years.  Petrocon provided us with OEM approved products and saved us over $3 per gallon.  We now use them for all of our oil procurement.”

Bruce Barnhart, President – Barnhart’s Custom Services LLC (IA)