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Petrocon’s National Fuel Program has 2 primary offerings:

  1. Universal Premium FleetCard
  2. Bulk Consigned Fuel Program


The Petrocon Universal Premium Fleetcard has 2 primary advantages over the competition.  You can earn rebates back of fuel purchases from a half penny up to $.06 per gallon.  The rebate is based off of the amount of gallons purchased to earn .5 cents to 3 cents per gallon, plus another $.03 per gallon for fuel bought inside the network of over 160,000 gas stations.


The Universal Premium FleetCard is just one card offered in the program.  Our fuel experts will help analyze your fuel buying behavior and geography to determine which fuel card is best for your fleet. 


The controls and reporting of these cards are worth the price of fuel today.  The average fuel loss with fleet operations is 15%, protect yourself and your company by tracking where your fuel dollar is being spent.



Our consigned fuel program affords you the luxury of keeping your money out of the ground, literally.  This program turns your facility into your own private gas station.  Fuel is consigned at the tank and you don’t pay until you use the fuel.  Fuel is then invoiced and priced based off of the OPUS weekly average.

How to Order

Petrocon will help put your company in the most beneficial program.  Fuel Card Application needs to be filled out and sent back to us.

Fuel Card Application is to be sent via fax or email, or mailed to:

Petrocon Corporation

1330 N Pickett Street

Alexandria, VA 22304

  1. Questions?  Call 301-663-8906 / Toll Free:  866-548-8750
  2. Email
  3. Fax to 301-560-5455

Fleetcor will setup billing according to credit qualification.  Standard billing is weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  Prompt receipt of payment prior to due date is required by Fleetcor or late fee penalties will be assessed by Fleetcor.




  • On-Road Diesel Fuel
  • Off-Road Diesel Fuel
  • Gasoline
  • Universal Fuel Card
  • Fuelman

Universal Premium FleetCard
Simplicity and Convenience in One Powerful Program

Businesses like yours face cost control challenges every day. With the high cost of fuel and fleet expenses, a new idea in complete fleet management might be just what you need. We have the solution. The Universal Premium FleetCard MasterCard®offers Convenience, Control and Cost-savings for your business. It is the total solution in one!!


Convenient Nationwide Coverage saves gets driver’s back on the road quickly

  • Accepted at nearly 160,000 fueling locations throughout the United States.
  • Accepted at over 400,000 maintenance locations nationwide
  • Choose the most convenient and cost saving sites for your business
  • Keep vehicles on the road with optional roadside assistance

Cost Saving Rebates keeps Your money in Your business

  • Save up to 15% on fuel management costs.*
  • Earn up to 3¢ off per gallon in volume rebates
  • Earn an additional 3¢ off each gallon within the Fuelman Discount Network

Card Controls keeps fuel costs down, saves you money and reduces fraud

  • Customize each card by driver or vehicle.
  • Set fueling transaction controls for the type of vehicles in your fleet.
  • Prevent unwanted spending like convenience store purchases.
  • Limit fuel purchases only to those sites that provide you with the fleet purchasing details, including grade of fuel, price per gallon and the amount of gallons purchased.

Unparalleled Reporting reduces time spent on Administrative Work so you can go back to business!

  • Easy to understand reporting, detailing every transaction on every card, including driver and vehicle listings, transaction data, exemption summary, fuel summary and more.
  • Downloadable full transaction information into your vehicle management system or database.
  • Access to all your account information-in real time.

*Studies show that on average, fleets that change from no fuel management program to a managed fuel program realize savings up to 15% on their overall fuel management costs. With reduced paperwork, added cost controls, and the ability to choose a low priced fueling location, the savings add up.



Fuel Analysis Program: 

Petrocon’s Oil Analysis Program (POAP) is powered by one of the largest analysis labs in the country, Polaris Laboratories,  with 4 locations U.S.  Results are submitted 24 hours after receipt, and can be delivered electronically via email, fax, or U.S. mail.


Fuel Analysis

Fuel analysis can identify problems affecting fuel filter life and diesel engine performance such as filter plugging, loss of power or poor injector performance. Testing bulk fuel storage tanks can verify compliance with required supplier specifications.

Biodiesel Fuel Analysis

Testing biodiesel fuel deliveries can also be instrumental in avoiding potential maintenance problems. Like petroleum-based diesel, biodiesel can contribute to fuel filter plugging if physical properties aren't monitored regularly. Suitability for use is more of a concern with biodiesel as its natural composition allows for a typical shelf life of about six months. As degradation begins, a natural breeding ground for biological growth can develop quickly and testing therefore becomes imperative.


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