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Petrocon is one of the largest commercial buying groups in the U.S. Representing over 900 members in heavy industry, our leveraged buying programs are designed to save you money while enhancing maintenance practices for your plant and your fl eet.


NRMCA Members receive free access to Petrocon! Savings up to $2,500 Membership Fees waived lifetime for active NRMCA members.

Not an NRMCA Member?

As a group, NRMCA serves as the national voice and watchful eyes of the industry in Washington, DC; reviewing key issues with public policy makers and regulatory bodies. Our members support and participate in development programs to advance the industry, including education and training courses, concrete promotion programs and industry research activity.



Membership Includes:

  • National Oil Program
  • National Antifreeze Program
  • National Tire & Track Program
  • National Fuel Card Program
  • National Chemical Program
  • Wholesale Electricity
  • Wholesale Natural Gas
  • Waste Management
  • Wireless Expense Management Program


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Streamline your operations with national programs through Petrocon. One national wholesale price, local delivery, streamlined
billing solutions and streamlined branded products for your fl eet and plant operations.



National Oil Program designed to save you money on Diesel Engine Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Transmission Fluid, Gear Oils, Grease and Antifreeze. Special program pricing based on a quarterly index yields maximum savings for our members with Phillips 66 (Conoco, Kendall, 76, Phillips 66 products) delivered nationally through local distributors. Antifreeze products are direct shipped from Old World Industries (Peak, Full Force, Fleetcharge, Final Charge, Peak Global)

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Goodyear, Dunlop, Kelly, Yokohama mixed service, durable tires yield maximum life and performance for ready mix fl eets. Duraseal technology keeps flat repair at a minimum. Retread program available.

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Our co-op wireless expense management program offers selected members up to 40% savings on your monthly cellular bill. 3 months of cellular bills (.pdf format required) will provide a complete savings pro-forma. Typical savings is 20-40%

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National Antifreeze Program with the largest coolant supplier in the world. Buy most effectively, all coolant technologies with training available to keep your engines running most effi ciently. Look for our windshield wash, brake cleaners, carb cleaners, penetrating chemicals to be available nationally. Typical savings is 20%.

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National wholesale program for dumpsters, roll-offs, compactors, and hazardous materials. From construction materials to lightbulbs, our consulting team will help you with savings and compliance. Typical savings is 20%.

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Our experts in electricity and natural gas procurement provide energy solutions to maximize savings, provide resiliency, and offer custom solutions on a proactive basis.

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This national offering will be a full comprehensive program to replace OEM Caterpillar parts at substantial savings to our contractors.  Expected savings are 20-40% over OEM parts.

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NRMCA Energy Program

Petrocon and Energy Management Resources (EMR) will be aggregating NRMCA members into a national program to offer leveraged procurement solutions with major energy suppliers. This managed program offering will provide transparent, cost-effective solutions for NRMCA members. There will be pre-announced enrollment periods for NRMCA members to access this benefit with the option of 3 select managed plans dependent upon the needs of the participating member.


Plan A: Energy Analytics
$25 / Meter / Month
($20 / Meter for 50+ Meters)

  • Full Utility Bill Review and Evaluation
  • Identify and Report Bill Errors
  • Cost and Usage Reporting
  • Track Trends in Utility Usage and Costs
  • Consolidate Your Bills in One Platform
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Energy Market Outlook

Plan B: Energy Advisory Services
$250 / Location / Month
(Includes up to 3 Meters - $25 / Month for Each Add’l Meter)

  • Energy Analytics Package, plus:
  • Utility Tariff Optimization
  • Evaluate Alternative Supply Options
  • Review Your Current Supply Strategy
  • Group Comprehensive Supply Strategy
  • Group Request For Proposal (RFP) Process
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Contract Summary Report
  • Bill Audit
  • Demand Response

Plan C: Customized Energy Advisory Services
$1000 / Location / Month
(Includes up to 3 meters - $25 / Month for
Each Add’l Meter)

  • Energy Advisory Services Package, plus:
  • Custom Comprehensive Supply Strategy
  • Custom Request for Proposal (RFP) process
  • Annual Utility Tariff Analysis
  • Provide Price-Risk Management Consultation
  • Market Monitoring & Buy Recommendations
  • Hedge Report
  • Budget Report
  • 1 Custom Report


  • Nominations and Balancing
  • Transportation and transmission management
  • Storage management
  • Demand-side management
  • Energy effi ciency (audits)
  • Tax exemption reviews
  • Custom Reporting
  • Duel Fuel Strategy
  • Pipeline Bypass
  • Capital Projects
  • Resiliency Strategy
  • Onsite Generation
  • Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
  • Renewable Supply


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