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Trade Partners

Where Trade Relationships are Valued…

Our core values in working with key suppliers and trade organizations are built on trust and integrity. This foundation is our basis on building long-term relationships with our channel partners.


We welcome you to contact us in an effort to develop value for our members and opportunities for your organization.


Our corporate approach to working with suppliers starts with integrity to build and earn trust. Petrocon values this relationship and offers our supplier network an avenue to build a product and service offering that benefits both you and our clients.


The Petrocon philosophy is to produce programs and offer products that ultimately save our client’s money. To accomplish this goal, supplier training and technical experience are highly regarded and valued. We offer you a forum to touch our member base so that you can add value and brand loyalty.

Our program values premium products that perform to reduce maintenance costs and consumption, increase production and machine component life, and products that are friendly to our environment.



Building Value

Our business concept is built on relationships. These relationships start with beneficial programs and services, and leveraging our member base to achieve national pricing and services that have value to our members.




Trade Association Affinity Programs

Trade association members will achieve the following benefits:

  • Lower Oil Costs
  • Progressive Training Programs
  • Leveraged Buying Power
  • More Value for Dues Paid

Our programs are designed to accomplish these goals for your trade organization:

  • Increase Membership Value
  • Enhance Member Benefits
  • Attract New Members
  • Add a Revenue Stream

Petrocon can show your organization how to achieve a successful affiliate program that adds true value to your member network, while offering financial incentives to your organization to build revenue.


Our relationship can be tailored to meet your financial and membership goals. Contact us today to schedule an interview on how we can achieve mutual goals and foster a long-term relationship.